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245/50/16 tires
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You guys who use 245/50/16 tires, have you noticed any more of a gap between the tires & the fenders or not too noticeable?

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Had'em on the old '87, on the front, looked mean as hell from the nose, but frumpy from the side. Too much loopiness, tires bulged out past the rim, it looked odd. No nasty noticeable increase in fender gap though, from a short disatnce they looked better than the offroad profile the 225/60s give...

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I run the 245/50/16's on stock TC wheels.

They look great on the front, and fill the fenderwell nicely. They look just a little small in the back from the side. Its not bad, but I'm being picky.

The Kumho's I have on now look bigger than my Nitto Drag radials. I never measured, but I think they are a little shorter. The Nitto's look lost in the opening when they are on.

I have found that the fronts rub on something at FULL lock under some conditions (IE: parking lots)

Bob Myers

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