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(09-08-2023, 11:29 AM)anasazi4st Wrote:
(09-05-2023, 04:50 PM)88turbomajor Wrote:
(09-05-2023, 03:51 PM)spittinfire Wrote:
(09-01-2023, 03:16 PM)88turbomajor Wrote:
(08-21-2023, 11:48 AM)spittinfire Wrote: I might go down for a day but I doubt I'm going to register my car.  I guess it can just sit outside.

Sounds good.  I should have my car back by then.  Have to order a transmission on Sept 5, as that's when they'll have some back in stock.

What happened to your trans?

Made it to Carlisle and back with no issues.   Tried to take it to a Cars and Coffee on July 1, and it wouldn't shift out of 1st.   Took it in, and they said you need a new one.... 

Yeah, really pissed of..... but it is what it is.
They said you need a new…transmission? Sorry for coming into this one late, but is it a T5OD or the dreaded automatic? If it’s the former no worries, I’ve rebuilt several, not hard to do.

Having said that and re-reading your post, I would bet that it’s an automatic. Ouch.
They're a really reputable trans company and yes it's automatic.... anyway... it's on order.  Smile
1984 Mercury Cougar 5.0L LS Silver/Gray
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I'm trying to get my buddy to go and take 2 cars, but I am pretty sure he's going to say no.

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