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2014 All Ford Nationals Registration
Gary S Offline
Just registered for the 2014 All Ford Nationals Show at Carlisle. I tried to do it online but when I got to select class all I got was the listing for Broncos. So I called Carlisle because they are running an early bird special on registration. The normal price up until May 5 is $55.00 but if you order by today it drops to $44.00. Their phone number is 1-717-243-7855 and ask for the general operator. Sorry about the late notice but they were only open two days before Christmas and this the first day they have been open after New Year's.
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Pete D Offline
I was able to do mine on line New Years Eve. The Bronco thing is a scroll down menu (at least it was for me.) Just scroll down to the Thunderbird class'.

Gary is right, there is an additional 10% off until Jan 3 (I think) for a total of 20%. Go to or call the number Gary posted.
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Jeff K Offline
I also registered. No problems selecting the correct class.
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I registered this morning.
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