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200k this morning
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This morning on the way to work it rolled over to 200K. I almost had to stop and do a Homer and snap a quick picture. It seems like a lot of miles, but at 12.5k per year it is very close to what is considered average.

Lets see, at 200k it has 19k on a rebuild and running good. AC still works good after being converted to freeze 12 last year. In fact everything works except the ac blower on anything except high (I know how to fix it, but haven't had the time). The only bad problem is a vibration above 75mph. This is still after a new driveshaft. It must be a worn out transmission and I do have a spare t5, but time is the issue again. All things considered it looks good, runs good and is the defintion of dependability.

To all those people tracking down gremlins, there is hope. I had them too and now things are much better.
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Congratulations! At this rate, you'll get to see her cross 1million in another 64 years, so you better get driving

Are you sure your 75+ mph vibration isn't a wheel balancing / tire problem? If you haven't had the balancing checked yet, take the car to a reputable place and ask the technician to keep a close eye on the wheel / tire combination as it spin on the balancer. It might even be slightly bent wheel or out-of-round tire.

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Congratulations. Keep on trucking. I used to trade cars every 2-3 years because I didn't think they would last much longer. Thanks to posts like yours, my atitude has change greatly.
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Congrats.....however keep only have another 52,000 miles to catch up!!

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To top it off, yesterday I had 2 different people tell me it was a good looking car. That made me feel good about my old car the day before it hit 200k.

I'm fairly sure the virbration is the transmission (but not 100%). The yoke has lots of play coming out the back of the transmission. When it gets up to 75 the shifter really vibrates and you can feel it in the floor.

On the other hand the transmission works great. Maybe a mount? That's cheap and easy, plus I'm sure it's shot.

I bought a bushing and seal kit a while back, but I haven't been able to locate the special tool to get the old bushing out. Can you just push the old bushing in further with the new one? That would be too lazy.

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'88 TC 5sp, K&N cone, t3.60/.63, ported head, Felpro 1035, Walbro 255 hi pres., Kirban FPR., 3g Alternator

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I hit 228K the other day. Outside of my trans swap and all the routine maintenance all parts are original and gettinging 16psi pretty regularly [Image: smile.gif]

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  • A ton of maintenance items not worth mentioning
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