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2 quick questions
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1) where in God's name is the hold down bolt for the distributor? i must've spent 5 minutes wedging my hand around through all those tight spaces to try and find the bolt, but ended up empty-handed.
2) has anybody tried hooking up 2 intercoolers to their TC? this may sound like a strange idea, but i just figured that since i have a spare TC intercooler i might give it a whirl. would it even make that much of a difference to go through the hassle of trying to set up all the tubing? i'd imagine i'd also encounter a problem while trying to run the tubing around in front of the radiator.
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If your looking at the distributor from the driver's fender the hold down bolt is sort of
behind the distrbutor at 11:00. IF you look from between the alternator and the engine, under the belt toward the base of the distributor you can probably find it.
I don't know if I would go to the troubl of hooking up 2 TC intercoolers unless you are going to mount them both out front. It could be done. You need to decide if you want to mount them in series or in parallel and then figure out the plumbing. Know where you are going to get your air flow for them (a problem on the 87-88s)

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You will find out when you remove the distributor bolt that it is a pain to get to.You have to remove the PCV hose to "try" to get a socket on it. Once you finally get it out I recommend finding the same size bolt but with an Allen head on it. It will be tons easier to loosen in the future.
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I've used an allen head & it works good. Another way is to take a cheap 17mm socket & grind it down (make it shorter), that way it won't get wedged under the distributor.


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