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2.5 stroker kit
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I have my motor pulled out of my car and torn apart ready to go to the machine shop but have yet to decide on parts. I found this kit and was looking to get opinions on it. Money is not really an issue and I will be using the car for the track and some street use.
I am running a ported/polished head with the Esslinger 2287 cam kit and a Turbonetics T3/T4 turbo looking to run at least 25psi along with many other mods. Will this kit be suitable for my application and an 88 turbocoupe block would be large journal correct?
I am taking my block to be machined at a reputable machine shop that our shop has been sending work to for many years, but this will be their first time working on a 2.3 turbo motor in this nature. Is their anything in particular I should tell them that they may overlook, I just found this kit and will discuss it with them tomorrow but Id like some opinions from the members here who are experienced with these motor. thanks
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You should know that not all Wiseco forged pistons are suitable. Some of them don't have enough material between the crown and the top ring and are fairly thin in the valve relief area. You will need to check that out with the ones in this kit. If that checks out ok it looks like a good kit. 88 is large journal and will require spacers for a small crank.

If $ was no object I might spec out some different pieces depending on how fast I wanted to go.

After looking again the only thing I might change in that kit would be pistons and rings. And that is probably more of personal preference than a quality issue. Looks like a nice kit.
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Another consideration is the 5.7 rods, combined with the stroker crank, the oil control ring groove is in the piston pin bore. Oil control will not be as good as normal. Racer Walsh only recommends this option for track engines, not daily drivers. The next shorter rods with matching piston would move the oil control groove out of the pin bore.
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The peak power gain will be pretty minimal for the cash spent.

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