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2.3 Turbo into a Bernardi
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Hi to all,
I am now working on a 1988 T-Bird Turbo Coupe engine, am going to install in a Bernardi that is currently powered by a N/A 2.3 Ford and a C-4 Auto trans.
I have purchased a wire loom from Ron Francis and have engine on engine stand.  I am changing exhaust manifold for a SS Tubular center, top mount headers and a C-3/C-4 turbo.  It is only oil cooled.  
Here is my question if someone could answer:  I noticed original oil filter base has two water lines, which were cut off when engine was pulled.  Can someone tell me where do these two water hoses go?  I have tried to research and have not been able to find out.  I would definitely appreciate it very much.

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