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1988 tbird/cougar pull strap bases & covers
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I finally got this project buttoned up.  I had the 'chrome' bases and top covers sent out to be professionally scanned and modeled to within a few thousandths of the OEM parts (per the designer).  After some testing with Shawn & BJL in various different 3d materials, we decided on the best material to use for this project and I had a bunch printed up.

These are 3d printed in white (off white or beige depending on the manufacturer at the time) Nylon PA12 material and can be dyed using any paint/dye that is approved for nylon, per the manufacturer of these parts.

The items can be purchased directly through our site:!/3dparts

Here's a few photos...


[Image: tStNnlf.jpg]

[Image: QKvtcCR.jpg]

[Image: FXnDPG3.jpg]

[Image: w6ICvd8.jpg]

top covers:

[Image: XYY0nbr.jpg]

[Image: Iy0nnHd.jpg]

[Image: I5CA6D8.jpg]

[Image: HRAK9at.jpg]
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Any pictures of it dyed and installed?
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(03-31-2022, 12:30 PM)Mikey97D Wrote: Nice!

Any pictures of it dyed and installed?

I do have a photo of them courtesy of Shawn Novak...

[Image: pKdouHF.jpg]

[Image: BCpM96Q.jpg]

BJL did paint them, but I'm not sure what type of paint he used. Per the manufacturer of these parts, paint/dye that is approved for nylon should be used on these parts:

[Image: vDXuIsZ.jpg]
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