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1987 TC - Intermittant no start
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I've got a very odd problem that happens every once in a while. I would like to know if anyone else had the same symptoms.

Over the past week, mid day, never in the morning, I get in the TC, and every thing is normal. I use the keypad to unlock and get in, and I put the key in the ignition. Then I turn the key. Nothing. Not just nothing, but the whole car is dead. Then miraculously, if I wait a bit, and try again. Get out, shut door, repeat, the car comes alive and starts just fine. I had alternator and battery checked, they are old but fine. Also, it isn't starting hard or slowly. It fires up immediately.

Every time this happens the entire car is reset as if I removed the battery for storage.


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I'd probably start by checking out the ignition switch and it's connector and wiring. I'd also be checking the main battery cables. Any corrosion on the ends and I would replace them, BTDT
I sent you some diagnostics on the switch.
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Yea the mustang I had did something very similar and it turns out the ign switch was pretty much falling apart
At times it would start up normally, other times it would start for a millisecond and turn right off
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Whats the temperature? Could be a failing TFI module

I had this same problem with my Escort GT. The battery didn't have a tie down so when I would rallyed around town it would pull the positive cable loose.
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