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1987-8 TC Glove Box Latch and Assy
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I no longer need this part. I found one on eBay (the Mercury Sable one I mentioned) and one from the parts car in Tucson.

I tried to delete this post but I could not.

Thanks to those that responded.

***EDIT—4/29/18 Confirmed yesterday what I had already heard: this part is still available through a few Ford dealerships, primarily in the Midwest and the East...for the low low price of (about) $142.50!

(This cost figure varies by dealership.)

I found one for a Mercury Sable on eBay that will work...and I visited a salvage car in Tucson AZ on Friday that still has some very good parts available (information documented xxxx).

Other than that: good luck.

First the OEM one—and now its replacement, purchased some years ago—have become non-functional.

Thanks in advance,

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I have a couple of them from my tbird part out. You're looking for the raven one that mounts to the right hand side of the dash?
88 Turbo Bird 5 spd no mods

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