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1983 stock turbo coupe wont stay running.
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I have a 1983 turbo coupe that wont stay running. I can get it started and it will idle rough, bouncing back and forth between 500 and 800 rpms, and then eventually die after 15 to 30 seconds. If i put my foot on the gas pedal it will die imediatley. I can keep it running by putting startingfluid through the intake and rev it as much as i want but without starting fluid it will die. The parts ive changed so far are fuel pump both inline and in tank, pressure regulator and injectors. What is causing this abnormal behavior?

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Cowboy Cody Wrote:The parts ive changed so far are fuel pump both inline and in tank, pressure regulator and injectors. What is causing this abnormal behavior?
Have you pulled any codes yet? By that I mean, connected to the EEC-IV computer in such a way that will produce engine error codes that you can then use to pinpoint the problems.

I’m guessing based on your post that you either a) are unaware of EEC-IV error codes; or b) are aware but have not run them yet. This YouTube video is mostly spot on, but there are some changes you’d need to make for our cars: When the Engine ID (Check Engine light flashes TWICE—1/2 the number of Cylinders) is displayed you need to mash down on the Brake pedal. When the single flash occurs you then need to hit the gas pedal hard for WOT (wide open throttle). That’s it, as shown in the video the codes are displayed through Check Engine light flashes.

The resulting codes are found HERE. BTW, the anagram KOEO stands for Key On Engine Off. You’ll be looking for the KOER (Key On Engine Running) results.

This should get you on the repair path.

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You obviously have a fuel supply problem if it runs on starting fluid.

Check fuel pressure. Just because new pumps installed doesnt mean they are working correctly.

Check voltage at each pump. You can run the pumps continuously by grounding the bottom right pin in the EEC TEST connector (brown wire) with key in RUN.

Use a NOID light to be sure the injectors are firing.
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Has anything been changed or messed with since it was running well the last time?
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