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1983-1986 lowering springs on a 1987-88??
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I used to have an 84 TC, and i bought a set of 1-1.5 inch drop springs for it. I dont want to buy new springs if i dont have to. I heard the front springs will fit, but the rears wont because of the 7.5 > 8.8inch. Can anyone help me out here? if i can use them but do modifications or w/e please explain! thank you

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I used SN-95 Mustang springs from a '99 Model.It lowered the Sport about 1.2 -2 inches all around.Got the springs for free from a local salvage yard.They are readily available at most yards.Direct swap.Springs will swap between a 7.5 and an 8.8.Whatever springs you have on you're 7.5 rear will swap to the 8.8.
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Need more information. What year car are they going in? Are they TC specific for a turbo coupe or are they mustang springs?

Vinnie is correct on the 7.5 and 8.8, but in order to tell you how well they will ride, you need to specify what springs you have.
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The springs i bought in Columbus at the all ford swap meet, they said they are for 83-86 thunderbirds NOT TC specific. I had an 84 TC at the time and i said i wanted to put a 302 in it and will they hold he said yes. I am Wondering if they will directly fit onto my '87 sport (302). Honestly im not 100 percent on what brand, but they are either eibachs OR ford racing. That i do know.

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