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18" or 19" wheels
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So I'm in the middle of a 5 lug conversion on my car and I'm to the point where I need to get wheels.  There are tons of wheels out there and most of them are cheap, cast aluminum that are made over seas.  The other option is a very high quality wheel that carries an equal price tag.  There is very little in between so I started looking at late model Mustang wheels which come in 18x8 and 19x8.5.  I've run a lot of 18s on older cars and that is my preferred wheel size on a performance minded car.  My goal was to run a 255 front tire and a 275 rear tire which I believe is the largest I can fit.  Here comes the problem.  You cannot put a 26" tall, 275 tire on an 18x8 wheel but you can put a 255 and a 275 on a 19x8.5.  I'm concerned the wheel will be too big even though the tire diameter is the same.  

Here are the tire differences.  


I'm looking heavily at the Mustang wheels because I trust the quality of an OEM wheel over aftermarket and you can find take off wheels for less then a cheap aftermarket set.  Does anyone have a picture of one of these cars on 19" wheels?

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Not sure on your exact fitment, but I have used this site to check the dimensions of different tire sizes to see how they compare. , this only checks tire sizes, and your wheel question is another issue to research. I personally think that a 19" is too big for our cars and looks a little awkward, so for me 18" is a better choice, just my .02.
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I have the same thoughts on the 18 vs 19. I've been searching for a picture but I can't find anything.

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