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15-18 MPG 88 TC
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New poster and have a lot of questions. Had my 88 TC for 10 months now and I have always gotten between 15-20 MPG city and highway mix.

Running 94 octane, 2 people in the car, AC on and pure highway miles I've gotten 28 MPG. So I know the car is capable of better. I saw someone post that they get 25 MPG coming off the track...

So am I abnormal? When I baby it and barely use the turbo I get maybe 21-22 MPG regular driving...14-15 when I really drive it.

What's going on with these numbers?

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I would say your numbers are just fine. 28 on pure highway may not be the record but it's very good. I have never done better than 26.+
on the highway, even trying to max the mileage.

I don't believ anybody can get 25 on strictly track mileage. They may have made 2-3 passes and then highway the rest and come out with 25. I saw a post elsewhere where someone figured they got 8 mpg at the track in a 2.3T
(not a TC)

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Yes, be content with your 15-20mpg. I have had my 85 for almost three years now and I cannot get it above 19mpg with a mix of street/highway driving. I usually average around 16-17mpg. On road trips, the best I've gotten is 24mpg with 2 people in the car and the AC OFF!
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Tune up with the correct parts (outlined on this board) will increase your gas mileage. So will making sure your O2 sensor is good, and cleaning out the IAC. Make sure your TPS is within spec. How about your fuel system, got a good fuel pump? When is the last time you changed your fuel filter? What about your exhaust? Is it factory, or do you have some aftermarket stuff? What kind of oil do you use? All of these things can affect your gas mileage. Some of them more than others, but if you find the right combo then you'll get better mileage. I get 31+ on the highway. 25+in town 18+stoplight racing all night (no dragway here, not even a close one)
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I was hoping that I wasn't the only one, but I normally get mid 30's on the highway, my city driving is in the mid to high 20's, but I am really happy with the TC. Thats why I was having a cow when I read something awhile back about the government wanting to scrap cars 15 years and older because of the desire to lessen dependeance on foriegn oil. My 15 year old car can for the most part, out perform (milage and seat of the pants)most anything other than a modern import 2 seater!!
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Went to carlisle PA for al ford nats last june doing 75-85 on turnpoiek got 33mpg.
and for the rst fo the week i used the tank of gas it lasted 653 miles, that was great!
i average now aroudn 350-450 miels a tank of gas using premium, but 250-300 using reg.

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I get, on average, 515km to a 63L tank durring my city only driving. Where I spend about 2% of that time in 5-th. works out to 19mpg. I've gotten 696km out of 69L on the highway. That was a drive through the rockies with the tc packed to the roof in gear, which works out to 24mpg. So 30's are definately possible with flat roads and two passengers with minimal gear. [Image: smile.gif]

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I'd like to think my life has a soundtrack, and it sounds just like the white album.

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