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Well, yesterday I was playing with a lexus at 110 or so and was at 4500 for well over 5 miles... temp guage stayed down... well I start the car cold and it runs fine... let it run for a little bit and it runs like when it blew the HG... I look in the coolant overflow bottle... as right as rabbit shit is round... there were the bubbles... and this is the same day that I found out that I need ANOTHERturbo... this car is about to take my last nerve and find it self crushed somewhere not by a rusher but by a sledehammer and possibly a dozer >=} so for Christmas I'm having to get another head, and another turbo... maybe I can actually keep one of the other in the car for more than a month... btw, if you are interested in a mech roller ported bv head... lemme know...

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Jason Schaffer
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That sucks.. When it rains it pours! At least the 2.3T head gasket replacement doesn't cost 1100 dollars. And at least yours didn't go after spending the aforementioned amount replacing them a little over 15k miles ago.

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