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Transmition trouble!!!!!!!!!!!(HELP)
Well to start off just picked up this 83 turbo coupe have only had it 5 days an already having trouble. The speedo quite working I thought it was the cable. Nope, so then i thought it was the gear. I took the old gear out and it had a big chunck out of the colar on the bottom, so i got a new one put it in and drove it down the road a little ways, worked fine. So I am on my way to town and it quits again. So i take it home look it over can't figure it out the gear is still in one pice but it wont work, it works if you turn it by hand. I stuck my finger up into the trany and it dose'nt feel right. Also there is a little cluncking noise coming from the trany. Well there it is, if you have any info thanks Jason Its a 5 speed borg-warner transmition.

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I would start by checking the fluid level in the tranny. the drain plug and fill plug are both on the passengers side. Unscrew the fill plug and see if you can get fluid on the end of your finger by sticking it in the hole. It it's reallly dirt, drain it and refill with 5.6 pints of Dexron II or III ATF. This probably won't fix either problem. The clunking noise may be bad U joints, loose bolts holding the drive shaft to the rear axle, or excess play in the rear axle (backlash). No ideas on the speedo gear problem.

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Double check your manual My 83 tc and the few others I have seen use gear lube! This is the only year too. If its the trans consider yourself lucky to get rid of the crapper. Now you can upgrade to a WC t-5.
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