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Well I have only put about 30 miles on the 87 in the last years since I drive the 88 daily. Since the clutch has been slipping so bad I parked it for now and have been driving the 87. The first week I averaged 23 mpg. The 2nd week it went to 30mpg and the 3rd week it went to 31.5 mpg and this last week it went to 32.5 mpg. I drive it just as hard as the 88 and the best I ever got from the 88 was 25 mpg. Here I was sooooo envious of those of you getting 28 or better and now I get to join the elite mpg group. Feels cool to get better than 25mpg.
Stinger dual3"exhaust from dp & cat to magnaflows w/2.5 outlets w/tailpipes.Homemade CAI w/boost at18psi.MM c/c plates and tubular lca/front coilovers with Koni red adjustables all around. Ported/BV head/A237 and bobslog w/a stinger fmic set-up waiting to go on.86 stang gt w/motor and T-5 from a 86 TC w/3"SS dualexhaust w/cc plates and lowered 1.5".With volvo ic installed.

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Congratulations & welcome. I just got in the club myself after years of wondering how others did so well
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and on almost 20 year old technology... imagine that
Jason Schaffer
88TC - 5speed, all options but leather and sunroof
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Finally getting it back together.

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