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Mechanical and appraisal done
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Well, car needed only 2 ball joints for mechanical fitness. My mechanic (a friend of mine)said that it's been a looong time since he's seen a car so clean underneath. Up here in Northern Ontario, it requires a lot of effort to keep a car and prevent it from rusting away. This is why I've had 5 others plus this one. The fifth one is the only one that was totalled (not my fault of course)the rest rotted away.Three of them were finished and on their way to the wrecker until I found out about them and, at least, rescued the parts. I've bought all the ones in Sudbury, Now I had to leave town to replace it and this was the most I've paid for one (4800.00). New law. When you buy a car that is 20 years or older, you have to have it appraised before changing ownerships and you pay the taxes on the appraisal or the cost of purchase, whichever is higher. Now there's a cash grab.Well they did not get mine, the car went there as shabby as possible( no clean up and no low pros etc...) It still appraised at 4500.00. Tomorrow I'll pay the taxes, transfer the plates over and insure it, take it apart, clean and touch it up and reassemble it. Then, when it looks and runs even better than now, I will have it appraised again and adjust the insurance accordingly. Nothing illegal about that. If I had done all the detailling I'm about to do, They might have gotten another 4 or 5 hundred bucks from me and I'd much rather put that into the car. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures I will start sending them in. Catch you later.
1987 Turbo Coupe,Black with red cloth, 5spd, 70,000 miles. In the process of being dissasembled, detailed and reassembled using the best of the parts that I have from 6 past T-birds. 17" TSW Chrome rims with Wanli rubber, Sony disc player with Type "R" Alpine subs, K&N cone, Centerforce Clutch, MSD Ignition, Sequential tailights, B&M Short Shifter. Much more work to be done but lovin' every minute of it. Updates to come...

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Lets see the pics!!

How to post pic info here:;t=000160
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