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83-86 TC Stiffer Front Springs After 5.0 Conv.
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I recently installed a 5.0 in my '85 TC. Everything was great except the front end sagged.75-1.0 inches after the install. I lowered the rear (DON'T ASK) so the car didn't feel like a "stinkbug" when driving, but the front end would still bottom occasionally on RR crossings, etc. I started thinking, the '87-'88 TCs were just enough heavier, Ford, in their infinite wisdom, may have specified stiffer springs for the '87-'88 models. I had an '87 parts car and inspection showed the '87 springs to be the same length, but the thickness of the coils was about .040 larger on the '87. Sure enough, I installed the '87 TC springs, front and rear, and my '85 now sits only .25" lower in the front (with a full tank of gas)than before I loaded the V-8 on board. It was definitely worth the effort!

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