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Anyone having problems w/their guages?My speedometer/rpm/&boost guages work,but the four small guages (fuel/batt/temp/etc.)do not?Prior owner says they just stopped working all of a sudden 2 years ago.I looked for bad fuses everywhere i could but all looked ok.Does the entire guage cluster need replacement?????

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Welcome! This site is undoubtedly the best resource you'll ever have for info on your TC [Image: smile.gif]

Sounds like it could possibly be a bad ignition switch.. How is everything else working in the car? You also may want to try the search feature, this issue has been brought up many times before.

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What Ryan H said.

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Either ignition switch or IVR (instrument voltage regulator) on the back of the cluster, or the 8 ohm resistance wire from the ig sw to the cluster has burned up, or bad connection at cluster connector.

Pull cluster, and check for voltage at the GY/Y wire at terminal 48 on cluster connector with key turned to RUN. Using a DMM should net battery voltage. If that checks out, use a test light that draws around an amp between GY/Y and ground. Light should light, but be pretty dim. How dim depends on the exact amp draw of the bulb. If that checks out, the IVR could be bad. Replacement IVRs are around $35, or you can build a solid state one that will last forever following the tech article on this site. Could also just be a bad connection at the cluster connector. Taking the connectors out of the cluster, cleaning the contacts, and reinstalling them may clear up the problem.

BTW, As Ryan said, welcome to the board!

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i cant find termainal 48 mine only goes up to 18

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