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i run prem. in my car and i still only get about 6psi but when i go about 90mph it will raise to about 10psi... just wondering if there is possibly a leak in the vacuum hose or the prem./reg. fuel switch isnt working
stock 1988 T Bird Turbo Coupe, 5speed, Dark blue, Grey interior.

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You could have a leak in the hose to the boost gauge. Also the gauge is not known for accuracy. You have to pull the gauge pod to get at the vac line to the back of the boost gauge. If it's the cheap plastic crap line, replace it with good rubber vacuum line.

The later build 88s can give 15 psi in the top 3 gears but only after 4K rpms. Early build 88s only give 15 if 1st & 2nd and are limited to 10 psi in the top gears. Auto trans 87-88 are limited to 10 psi

An aftermarket boost control can get around these limitations. Check out the boost valve options at
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