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subtle 1/4 panel mod
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i literally stumbled upon this.. when i bought my 4 eyed front clip from BJL, he gave me the front lower halves of the fenders with it.. well, for some reason i decided to do body work today and i started attacking the rust on the driver side 1/4.. i cut the patch from the passenger side fender chunk and trimmed it to fit the hole.. it actually steps the wheel well arch out at the bottom a bit, giving it a little more 'flare.' it really looks ****** in my opinion, compared to the original, which begins to 'tuck in' with the rest of the lower 1/4

it's a subtle mod that almost no one will notice, but i think it really makes the flow of the rear 1/4 panel and wheel well arch look a little more aggressive and 'stylistic' (for a lack of better terms lol)

some more pics.. i wish i had white paint, it would show the actual fitment a little better.. the black makes it look like it has a giant crease, when it in fact lines up perfectly and flows fairly well

passenger side for comparison.. and for reference, both rear tires are the exact same size cooper cobra radials.. you'll see the majority of the difference by paying close attention to the vertical tread grooves

you can tell by comparing the area of the tire each side covers

the section of the fender chunk i'm using for the passenger side.. since that side is in better shape, i'll take some good before, during and after shots, to better show how well the piece really fits into the 1/4
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