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How to set TDC?
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It turns out that my oil leak and white smoke exhaust seem to be a blown headgasket. So I'm attempting to use the Tech Article to replace it and I'm stuck on the first step. :/ I really don't understand timing at all and my Chilton's is no help. I don't know how to set TDC or what pulley to turn or anything like that. I'm hoping someone could give me a quick run-down so I can get through this?

Currently I have the intake, intercooler, valve cover, alternator, alternator bracket, alternator belt, and radiator hose off, with the coolant having been drained.

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Use a socket wrench to turn the crank pulley (the big pully on the bottom / middle of the engine) clockwise until the tiny little notch on the outside ridge of the pulley lines up with the TDC mark on the timing cover ***AND*** the notch on the cam pulley lines up around the middle of the 3 pointers just below the cam pulley. If it's 180º off, just turn the crank pulley another full revolution.

Estoril blue 1987 TC 5spd, 146k miles, a237, Bailey BOV, spec stg3 clutch, spearco FMIC, t3/t4 50 trim / stage III .63, 3" exhaust, eec-tuner, lm1 wb, 55pph injectors
Best 1/4 mile: 12.89 @ 106mph on 25psi, 1.78 60'
Estoril blue 1987 TC 5spd, 148k mi, a237, Bailey BOV, spec stg3 clutch, spearco FMIC, 50 trim t3/t4, 3" exhaust, Bamafuel, LM1, 55pph
Best 1/4 mile: 12.31 @ 110mph on 25psi

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Important note: take out the spark plugs; it'll be deucedly difficult to turn over otherwise. [Image: biggrin.gif]

Also, heres a link to a procedure to set your TDC dead on if you want to go to a little more trouble. It's written for an 8 cylinder but the principles are the same, just don't turn our engines over backwards - I have heard that that can cause the timing belt to jump a tooth.

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