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best way to clean and intercooler?
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Just wondering what the best way to clean an intercooler. I got mine off the car thinking that it might be bad, I do not see any breaks in the seams or any flaws in the vents but it is covered with oil all over the bottom of it. I do not know if it is supposed to be like that but I would like to clean it ad see if that helps the car out at all. thanks
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I've heard of using mineral spirits to clean them out. Anything that desolves oil should help. maybe Simple Green;t=008952
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The proper way to clean an intercooler is to have it sonic cleaned by a professional shop that has a sonic cleaner. This is the most efficient way of cleaning and is the same method that the big race teams use.

Of course it probably isn't cheap but I guess it depends on how clean you really want it to be.

C&R Racing in Indianapolis offers this service.


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