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Brake Question (Excitor (sp) Ring)
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Hey guys,
Got new pricy front rotors ($111 ea.) for the bird. Had a lot of trouble with having anyone find the correct part, but I think I finally have it. Looking to confirm that though before I get the car apart. How many slots is the excitor ring supposed to have? The brakes that I got have 50 slots. Also, how many people have found that they need a torx bit to remove the brakes? What size? I've seen posts about this but they disagree with each other. Just wanted to buy it BEFORE I start the project. Thanks in advance, and hopefully this project lets me drink beer for enjoyment rather than frustration. (Is one smooth running project really too much to ask?)
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Quote:(Is one smooth running project really too much to ask?)

ROTFLMAO [Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif] [Image: biggrin.gif]

Here's what the 88 Service manual says.
A hex head (normal bolt head) slider pin is used on the TCs, Mark VII and Mustang 5.0

On all other front disk brakes it shows a torx head type slider pin head. The same P/N (2B296) is shown in both types of slider pins?????????

It does say elsewhere that for the "all other" catagory (non- TCs, Marks and 5.0 Mustangs), the use of a removal tool is necessary and that tool's P/N is D79P-2100-T50 so I would assume that means a T50 torx. But remember that is suppose to be for non-TCs. I think you need to see what is on your car before doing anything.

What has probably happened is that the torx head slider pins have gotten used on TC when the brakes were redone. You could have either on yours. You can look through the "snow flake" opening in the wheel and see which type is on your car.

The manual does not show a diagram on the backside of a rotor, so I don't know about the # of slots and with an 1" of sluch/snow on the ground I'm not motivated to crawl under the car to look [Image: biggrin.gif] Pull one of your rotors and count 'em.
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