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Window Weather strip/wiper
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I need to replace the window rubber wipers on my '85 T-Coupe. This is the wiper that goes at the base of the power windows where you would normally rest your arm on the inside. The outside keeps water and debris from dropping into the door area. This part is discontinued from Ford. Perhaps someone has discovered a generic item that can be modified to fit our 'Birds. Here in Az the sun, while being kind to the sheet metal (no rust) destroys the rubber parts. I am sure others need these wipers, but all I get are recommendations to check in the J.C. Whitney catalog. That would be fine if I had a Jeep/any Chevy/Mustang, but these Turbo-Coupes are fine automobiles and are not generally served by such paparazzi. Any suggestions on an alternate source? (The wrecking yards are full of crusty rubber, just like mine)

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