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won't stay running
Golden Bird Offline
I recently rebuilt my 87 turbo tbird. In starting it up it won't stay running and it is way to rich the tps is right at .9 and 5.0. I think I must have a plug connected wrong, does anyone have the wiring plans for the 87 tbird.Or a picture of the plugs coming out of the firewall. It appears that there are a few that could go to more than one plug. But they are not easy to get to.Anyone who has any ideas PLEASE HELLLLP!!!!

GoNYYankees02 Offline
I know I had my entire wire harness apart to paint the engine bay and it went back together fine. I think there was 1 that would fit into two connectors but if you look at the colors of the wires you can usually tell if they belong.
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Pete D Offline
Did you ever check the connectors that Mike C mentione here;

Check your email for the EEC circuit diagrams
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Golden Bird Offline
Found this problem it was the connector for the FMI beside the radiator the pipes had come loose you couldn't see it untill you got under the car i hooked it back up and the car ran. still have problems but at least now it runs

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