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Funny TC Story
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So today I went to the local chain to find a prefab hose, and when I pull in (In my wife's Camry) I saw an 88 bird I hadn't seen before, blue, sunroof. One of 2 88's I've seen since I got mine. Lowered nicely and in good shape. On the way in the door I strike up a conversation with the guy - and his *old lady* about how nice his car is, and how I have a red one and such (trying to thow a NATO plug) and all I get back is sarcasm and "mine's better than yours" typical auto shop lingo.
So I says good day and go about asking about my part, and I hear the end of his conversation, where the guy said "spcial order". Hey! I thought, I knew where he might find a part! <wink>
I ask him what he's looking for cause I might know where to find it and he snaps back something to the effect of how it's none of my business and for a Subaru so thanks for butting in.
After another stop that didn't have the hose either (figures) I'm driving home and what do I see.!?
That blue 88 bird pulled over in a parking lot by 2 cruisers, doors and trunk wide open, he and his *old lady* in the back seat of the cruiser.
<Nelson, from the Simpsons>
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Wait, if it's something major and the car gets impounded, it could be destroyed(drug charges) or sold to an owner who doesn't care.
Pray for the well being of the TC


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Or maybe you will get the chance to buy it at a police auction!

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Funny, that's the first thing I thought of!
I've been wondering how to get into the police auctions, maybe I'll have to find out now....
Sold it Sad*

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Maybe the guy will make some new "friends" in lock up... [Image: biggrin.gif]


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