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Cork or Rubber VCG
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The debate came out today of cork or rubber valve cover gaskets, and which was better on the TC. I read the forums didnt see anything on this subject. Need to get one soon, before my drive way becomes full of kitty litter.

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Definately 1 vote for rubber here.
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Cork should not even be used for wine bottles!

Not only is it impossible to get the cork ones to seal, the next time you need to pull the valve cover , it is a mess and you will always get some crud in the oilling area. Thats bad.
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I 3rd the rubber...

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Too much fun, what's that mean?That's like too much boost,there's no such thing.
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Got a new rubber and silicone one great so far.

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I use this rubber on both, and have no problems with leaks from the valve cover. $15.10 from Autozone, $19 from O'Reilly.

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unless you *like* spending hours scraping shit off your valve cover and mating surface after you pull it off, get the rubber one.

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Another vote for rubber... I peeled one from a ranger gasket set and wow! It's totally different and looks like you could easily get it torqued evenly and quickly the first time because of the little metal inserts where the bolt holes are. Another vote for rubber.

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the rubber one from ford (or comprable) works for me. i second the "cork shouldn't even be used on wine bottles. [Image: biggrin.gif]

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