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No catfights here!
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Over at TurboFord, there's a catfight breaking out every day, usually over something pointless.

Just wanted to say I'm glad that everyone here is civil ... and helpful.

Ok, that's all.

Phil 86 TC Full 3" Exh, and Cat, 15 psi, 1.5" lower
Did you hear about the Lucas powered torpedo? It sank.

86 TC, 73 Mini, 64 Mini Van, Saturn wagon
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Here at NATO we like our cars fast our beers cold and our banks closed! sorry I had to steel/modify a quote from Homer Simpson [Image: smile.gif]

16.466 in 1/4th Mile Bone Stock! New Mods Include Cold Air Intake In Fenderwell! Thanks Mr. Sam Ford

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Well, it's hard to have a cat-fight w/ only one Cat......

I agree about the other site. There is ALOT of info, but there are also alot of opinions as well to go along w/ it.


The Cat in the birdcage...
83 TC Clone, 85 Mercury LTS, 97 Volvo 850 T5 Turbo, 78 Volvo 240, 93 F150

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There is ALOT of info, but there are also alot of opinions as well to go along w/ it.

I like reading all the different opinions.Thats how you decide for yourself what you want.It's when smomeone is calling someone else a ****ing moron for doing something their way.
All of us morons have to start somewhere!LOL
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I first started on a board that make TF look like the walk of the wooses. It shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. There is a couple here that know whence I speak. I much prefer the atmosphere here than anywhere else.

88 TC X 2, 86 SVO, Main TC with K&N, 3"DP to 2.5"duals through Dynamax, Ric valve at 17+ and disconnected KS.
Elite Bodega 16" chrome wheels. Autometer pod w/ A/F and Vac/boost gauges. New engine shortly, ported head and
manifolds, polished and cc'd chambers, A-230 cam, Race Engineering Adj Cam Sprocket, Crowlers, ARP head studs, Walbro 190 pump and T-3 for starters. KB subs
and jack rails.
Pete Dunham


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Quote:Originally posted by Pete D:
I much prefer the atmosphere here than anywhere else.

Pete, did you forget about me? [Image: biggrin.gif]

i think Pete really meant to say was,
"I much prefer the atmosphere here (minus JT) than anywhere else".



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WHAT! Are you calling me Civil Phil! Well thats it............

Yeah it is crazy somtimes but it has always been that way.It is known for it. I kinda like it.Even the moderator jumps on ya sometimes.Check out the "new" performance section!
(sold Sad ) 87 5speed, Motorsport head, [email protected]+2, [email protected], gutted or ported everything & all the typical junk.
84 Gt350 2.3T T-top
84 Turbo GT 418rwhp

My Garage

The only thing I want to get hostile with is a rice-burner who thinks his jap scrap is the cat's meow (siamese?). I love stomping on imports here in the Motro City!!!

Jeff P

Excuse me that is: MOTOR CITY!!!

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Quote:Originally posted by Jeff P:
Excuse me that is: MOTOR CITY!!!

Had me worried there for a minute.... Thought the streets were ruled by bands of Geo Metros for a minute.......Any place they rule would be a scary place indeed!

1987 TC:
Hurst compition plus shifter,K&N cone,roller cam,custom single exhaust,Gillis valve,H&R springs,KYB shocks,struts and quads.
3.73 rear.
Tubular rear control arms and Kenny Brown trac kit brackets. soon to come, Installation of Caster camber plates and a custom built roll cage.
Wes Arnett
Linton Indiana
Sold my Turbocoupe. It went to a good home.

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