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It stalls/quits
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My 88 Turbo had recent repairs/preventitive maint. Replaced the radiator and rack and pinion. After cooling was balanced, I was going to fix a erratic RPM problem I thought would be a TPS/IAC problem. However, I started having stalling/quiting problems after warmup and driving even short distances, both at LOW and HI rpm. For a number of reasons the following were replaced: TFI,Ign coil,TPS/IAC (per NATO procedure),steering wheel ignition relay,#1 fuel injector. Haven't been able to get EEC codes via Code scanner, and haven't gone thru NATO non-code check procedure. It still stalls erretically. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pulling the codes could be a big help. Are you saying that you cannot get codes out of the EEC or you just haven't had a chance to get them yet?
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I dont see that the PIP was replaced..... look for a CM code 14.

No codes extracted can be a bad EEC (not likely, bot not impossible) or a disconnected O2 ground wire (orange wire at turbo inlet).

What do you mean by "steering wheel ignition relay"??
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