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ignition switch
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HI Fellas For some time now my car will turn over but not run so i jumperd the starter sylinoid to batt positiv and the car would run then at times it would run without the jumper.Lately my power brack assist went out doing a search on brack prob i found out these are symptoms of bad ignition switch,So i replased it.but they still dont work.My keys come out while car is runing could this be it[bad lock sylinder].Its said u are suposed to put key in run position when instaling ig swittch,but new ign switch apeared to be in off position.Any suggjestions would be apresiated p.s could some one tell me what ign wires go to what THANKSSSS as always MIKE

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check your email on the wiring diagram. If the switch doesn't cure the power brake problem, see

See the section about the booster relay
Pete Dunham


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As noted in the article Pete quoted, if the power brakes AND the gauges dont work / went out at the same time, then the problem is a bad ig. sw.
Jeff Korn

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