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got 1st place at Summer Blast 8 - 2009
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summer blast is a meeting of the mid Atlantic MN12 tbird cougar and mark 8 club.
they meet in martinsburg WV 3rd weekend in august for a weekend up racing art mason dixon dragway then at a park for our picnic and mini car show.
hey have a class specific for fox body's.
i had some decent competition. but got first in turbo III
they judge on exterior interior engine and overall.
i had my interior spotless and engine clean. and the exterior had its 22yr old peeling paint.
my comp. wasn't aware of the judging ways, Chris left his hood closed..lost points, and the 84-84 v6 tbird wasn't show room clean. its her everyday car so its understandable.

here is chris's v6 88 tbird

me and heather with turbo III

my trophy!

the crew from
bob and his 93 5.ol, chris with his 88 tbird v6. heather and me with 87 tc, amanda and joe with a 94 4.6l v8, ben and his 91 SC, and John with his 93 5.ol.

this heather and me, and amanda (my sister) and her b/f joe. he has a 94 4.6l we swapped in a PI explorer engine last winter. car is wicked fast....
Brian Larkin
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WTG! Aren't car shows fun, win, lose or draw?
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i usually just particapt and get nothing but this si sweet, i got runner up in stero comp too.....factory speakers popped on last song
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
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Congratulation Brian, You deserve it!.
Pete Dunham


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Always satisfying to snag some public recognition.
Congrats bro!


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nice job bro!

APRIL 2018 - LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR. PM me if you have an 87-88 roller or cheap TF for sale.
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Way to represent the TC's! Especially when yours is the same color as mine. Your center caps look polished. Or are they just cleaned up really good? I have to admit though, I like the SC's. I would like to add one to my stable(birdcage?).
All your boost are belong to us
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John A.

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yea sc are sweet. and yes they are polish..not too good, i did that like 7 years ago when my father was putting his stainless trim back on his falcon. he had a eastwood set-up with a buffer wheels on a grinder that was mounted on a 4 ft stand.
i love it, just its with the uglier car tho
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
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Good deal, Congrats. I also show mine and have recived numerous awards. There aren't many T/C's down here and very few in the condition mine is in. Keep takin the car to shows when you can because aint many T/C's on the road anymore. 014.JPG
Dom Z
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