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Ranger roller cam
Robert Camp Offline
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I've been told by an someone that they have a Ranger roller for sale with a lift of 0.431. Anyone ever heard of that much lift out of a Ranger roller cam. OEM I mean, not aftermarket.
Robert Camp
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JohnL Offline
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I don't think so, if it's local how about you take some dial calipers when you go to look at it. If it's not local, well I guess you're taking a chance, but as long as you aren't paying any extra and as long as you at least get a RR out of the deal then why not?
John Lewis
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Pete D Offline
Robert, I have heard of RR being reground for more lift but I thought?? the limit was around .420 at the valve. There maybe other set up requirements due to the reduced base circle diameter. I'm not up on all of it. There are posts on the subject at TF
Pete Dunham


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