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This is a repost of why we are here and what we want to accomplish. Thanks

I've noticed a few things going on that aren't wholly in keeping of how we want to present ourselves.

1. Language has been getting a little salty lately and I'm guilty on this one also. Could we please have less gratuitous profanity.

2. NATO has always been about trying to help one another and I belive that is alive and well still. I am seeing some occassions where the desire to be helpful sometimes exceeds the knowledge base of the responder. It's important that responses be based on knowledge. Responses based on what someone else said on this or another board may not be accurate. Sure, all of us get some detail wrong now and then, be big enough to accept it when it happens and learn from it.

3. Most important is informing how to diagnosis a problem. Anybody can blurt out how somebody can throw money at a problem. That isn't the way we operate. Paramount is helping to diagnosis the problem so somebody can spend their repair $$ wisely. Experiences count in this area, but when we respond based on experience, qualify it as such. Remember that many of the repeat type problems that people ask about can have more than one cause.

4.Typing and editing. If you want people to take their time to read and respond to your issue, then use a little of your time to make it readable. I'm guilty on this one too.
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Amen! With the turnover in membership this probably needs to be said on a yearly basis. I know that I use this board to try and solve problems with my car and welcome that fact that the responses given are 99.9% dead on. It's always a relief to know that instructions are complete so that when you are halfway through something, you don't find out something's missing that's critical to the process. I'll be the first to admit that my technical knowledge of these cars is greatly limited and I depend upon the expertise exhibited on the Board. That's why my contributions comes in other areas, not technical advice. Which brings me to another point in reference to the above post......Pete, your contributions to this organization FAR outweigh any "slip up" in reference to numbers 1 and 4.
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Quote:Originally posted by Gary S:
Pete, your contributions to this organization FAR outweigh any "slip up" in reference to numbers 1 and 4.
Well said because without Pete's dedication this board wouldn't be here period!!
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Check on that one!
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I 2nd everything Pete said. I also agree that without Pete's dedication this board would be gone.
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Pete is the man....we all love Pete.

I personally really like talking to the man...highlight of my day.

Hey Glenn still lurking.....good to see.

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i agree on all points. but i go a bit further, if it were up to me:


APRIL 2018 - LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR. PM me if you have an 87-88 roller or cheap TF for sale.
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I know without Pete and a few others on here I wouldn't be a Turbo Coupe owner. Them and their past post have taught me a lot about TCs.
Thanks Pete, heres to ya!!
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This is becoming a thank you thread, so Ill say the same. If it werent for this board, I wouldnt have my TC and probally wouldnt have ever had one. I hold my tounge if I dont know what Im talking about or am unsure of what Im talking about. Maybe thats why I dont have many posts? :p
Thank goodness for NATO!
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Another TCer saying thanx! This is my favorite site due to a bunch of civil,smart,and nutty motor heads ! We dont need a C/L rant and rave thing here !
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