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ghostly fog from vents
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ive owned my 88tc for about a week now. has a lot of problems that ive been working on. wipers not going into park position, the plastic clips on the power windows have come unglued and the first owner had the windows blocked up. my gauges for water temp, oil and fuel dont work. now after about 15 min. of driving when i get off of work in the morning, a ghostly fog billows out of my vents, it has no odor so its now smoke from wiring or anything i could find. all i know is the ac needs recharged. and all the climate controls are off. I dont use it at 7:30 in the morning. Is this common with these cars or is mine possesed.

Quote: 88tc just stock, for now. abused by previous owner, so I just need to get her running right before the good stuff. forrest of north carolina.
Quote: 88tc,metalic red, raven int. loaded except leather, has sun roof, k&n direct to vam for now. abused by previous owner, so I just need to get her running right before the good stuff. new timing belt, what a pita that was. forrest of north carolina.

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damn, your TC sounds exactly like mine when i first got it, EXCEPT i never had the fog problem. my A/C compressor locked up right there on the spot when i looked at the car the first time [Image: wink.gif]

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I know you said there's no odor from the vents when they're blowing fog, but are you sure you don't smell something that's kind of sweet and syrupy? These cars often have had beater cores, they leak coolant and cause the windshield to fog up, etc. You also mentioned that the a/c needs recharged. Does it blow cold air at all? If so maybe it is condensation from the cold air coming through the vents, although I've never seen anything like that. If you aren't getting cold air and the fog doesn't have a smell, time to call Ghost Busters. [Image: wink.gif]
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Welcome and goodluck with your "new TC" I also had the deathsmoke coming from my vents but I'll try to help you avoid my mistakes. First off on the passengers side of the fire wall from inside the engine compartment almost between a/c lines and heater hoses and aprox 16" down you will see a black tube that sticks out. That is the drian for the a/c system look closely for signs of coolant if its wet you can just touch it to your mouth if its sweet its coolant, also toxic so spit it out! If heater core bad a/c must be drained and disconnected to replace heater core so fix a/c after, not before as I did. #2 wipers dont park, in all 3 of my cars it was a dirty ground , the small 3" long wire on the wipermotor that goes from the mounting lug 5/16 bolt to the motor base 1/4 bolt I think, remove and clean both eyelets and both bolts even if corrosion isn't visible rust. reassemble and tighten and you should be ok. #3 your gauges are probably all related to the IVR (instrument voltage regulator) that is located on the back of the instrument cluster, it's a silver component aprox 1/2 x 1 1/2 with a piece of pc that clips on like a 9volt battery and its mounted to the cluster with a 1/4 bolt. Hope this helps Rick B.

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It's the heater core,there is nothing else inside there that would cause what you describe.Do replace that before repairing A/C system.Hope This Helps oldturboman

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