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I have what i thank is a electrical problem! Help!!!
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Ok I was on my way home for work and I poor so I was low on gas. I came to a stop light it died. I got it started again and went through the light. It died and I pulled in to a parking lot. It wouldn’t start again. So I figured it was out of gas. I got someone to bring me some gas. I put it in and it started, but when I backed up it died. So I figured it was two things. One it was still run off fumes or it was because it’s missing really bad cause I stupid and bought autolight plug. Cause I thought ones the a fake motorcraft the they would work. But anyways it died. Before my friend got the with the gas I was going to hooked up my radio. I was looking for all the wires on grounded out and popped a fuse. But when they got there they had some fuses and I fixed it. Back to the car dieing. After it died the first time I started it again. I let it run for a few mins. Right before I went to try to backup again some of the radio wires close to the shifter so I moved them. The clock flickered and it died. All the stuff in the interior still work none of the fuses were bad. But none of the engines components have power. The brake pump, the fuel pump, the fan it is all not working. I try resetting the fuel pump safety switch but that didn’t help. Can anyone help me? I want to drive my bird again not my moms Trans Sport Van! Help!

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try reinstalling the radio, check your amp grounds..need to be on chassis for solid connection, check battery and alternator, check fuses and make sure they are good and getting power. Your fuel problem was that you completely ran out of gas and the fuel injection system need gas before you could drive off, so it was going to take a couple minutes for you to be able to drive off.
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If you got any bare wires, get them wrapped. After you are sure you don't have any shorts.
get it started and then do the wiggle thing on the ignition key. Might also want to look over the connector to the ignition switch. It might be the ignition switch itself
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Just like what Pete said...sounds like ignition switch. My bird I just bought was an electrical basket-case...or so the previous owner thought. New ignition switch fixed most of the problems. Good luck!
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