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Brake Question
Hwyman Offline
I dont know if I screwed up my rear caliper or not. I was attempting to push the caliper piston back in with a c-clamp and took a break and reread my book and Damn, It said to turn them clockwise. I dont know how I missed that.

Anyways I took a pair of needlenose pliers and could not get the thing to budge. Do you think I hooped them? Should I go to the parts store and get a proper tool for turning them or do you think its too late for this??

Jeff K Offline
Depending on how hard you cranked on the C clamp, it is possible that you damaged it. The correct tool may help, but it is possible that it is so stuck that it still wont move. One of mine wouldnt budge several years back, so I took the easy way out and just replaced both calipers.
Jeff Korn

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Hwyman Offline
thanks for the reply jeff. I actually got the tool to insert onto my ratchet. What a POS. kept on slipping and eventually wore out the nubs. Anyways I got the thing half way back in and the damn boot tore, so out go those bad boys and in go some new ones. I think Ill keep them to rebuild for something to do over the winter.

vfast Offline
I use the box type...the one with 4 nubs,I ground down 2 of them and it work perfectly

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