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Well I just got screwed - don't always trust what you see on Ebay
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I've always loved the 87-88 Turbo coupe and have been looking here, Ebay, and elsewhere for a nice Turbocoupe.

Always wanted a nice silver one. Saw a silver one come up on ebay a few weeks ago, the price was right, I called and contacted the guy, we spoke several times,the guy assured me no rust and it looked just like it did in the ads, did the VIN check, everything cool, everything appeared to check out fine and I thought in a few weeks I'd have the car I have been looking for.

The pictures looked awesome on ebay, I couldn't wait to get the car.

Did a lot of research online to get the thing shipped, spent $700.00, and when it showed up I was bummed.

8-9 spots of rust on the body, axle and spots underneath quite rusted, cracked front nose, cracked lower front plastic, broken drivers side mirror, lower turn light broke, cracked dash.

The car was advertised with a bad "electric brake booster". Got in to try and drive it, all 4 wheels are locked up - brakes are all on.

I met the truck driver driving the carrier near a main road as I didn't want to block anyone out in my subdivision.

Getting it towed right now.

Very, very depressed at the moment.

Never get your hopes up too much when your buying something, never trust anyone. Painful lesson learned. This vehicle does not represent what was in the ad. Learn from my mistake.


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false advertisement is a crime. Contact ebay and tell them everything.
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Mike, really sorry to hear that. As huey866 said contact Ebay and get started on the complaint proceedure. Please post something in the Vendor Issues forum including the seller's information so others can avoid him in the future;f=5
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I have bought 2 nice cars on ebay, but i traveled to pick them up and made the condition that if i did not like the car i would fly back home. Both sellers agreed and were totally accurate with describing the cars (a 66 mustang from San Jose, 79 pinto from witchita falls TX). Seeing all the jerks on ebay i would never trust them sight unseen. 99.9% of all my deals on ebay have been trouble free but i am real careful and research the seller.
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Got the ebay link handy for it????
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Dont get me wrong, but it sounds like you didnt do enough research. I realize people hide things, but if you asked questions like "is there any rust? if so where? Is there any body damage? if so where? is it driveable?

If you did I hope to god you saved the emails and printed them. You can nail the guy and try to get back your money.

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Sorry to hear of the deal man, that got to be rough. Keep ya hopes up.

I too had a decent experance with an Ebay Truck I bought. My Getto rigged Turbo ranger, I won it for the princly sum $800.00, and the guy gave me $100.00 off cuse I was crazy enough to drive it from south Fla to home, up in Pensacola.

I should post about that lil' adventure....Gotta love road trips.
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I felt I did my research. The guy had 100% feedback, I asked him straight up is there any rust on the vehicle, he said none. Too bad these conversations weren't in print regarding the rust. My mistake.
I still will go through with my complaint process on ebay.

Contacted the guy tonight and was pretty warm. He said he would paypal me $800.00 on the 25th. I won't hold my breath, but I hope he comes through. I have his address and I am not above for a drive down to his place south of Cincinatti.

I paid $1600 for the car and paid $600.00 to have it shipped. If I would have looked at it locally I don't think I would have paid more than 1200-1300. So I feel like I"m out about $900.00

Towed it up to my buddies shop tonight. He ran codes on it, and the ABS module shows code, ie, its toast. Anyone have a ABS module they would like to sell?

No engine codes.

One of the "quad" shocks is missing on passenger side, the axle and driveshaft is very, very rusted.

At least the thing runs good. It runs very good. 73,000 miles on it, but its an auto. If it was as good condition as he said it was, I had big plans for this car (manual trans conversion, bigger turbo, wheels, etc.) I'm going to fix it and most likely sell it.

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any transactions between you and him try to get recorded and printed out. This way you have proof. 100% feedback is only a guideline, I try to contact previous buyers if I am buying something serious.

In the shape that it is in I wouldnt pay more then 1000 IMHO!

Your plan to fix it and sell it is a poor one. B/c the value of these cars is poor even in tip top shape. Unless it is mint with 25,000 miles then you might get 4 grand for it.

you pay over a grand for a car that you will be truthful about thats an auto which most people prefer the 5 speed. Unless you get parts for cheap froma yard then I wouldnt bother b/c your gonna try and ask to much for it and end up loosing money.

Now if this guy gives you back 800 bucks back put 200 into it then you might be able to get a grand for it.

again this is my opinion take it as you want.

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The report to ebay first for sure.

Then look up the local police department closest to where he lives. Call their general line. Be polite, and to the point in describing your issue, offer proof to be faxed/emailed/snail-mailed. Sometimes they might take an interest, maybe not. Doesn't hurt to ask especially if you are really pleasant because the worst they'll say is they can't help you. Maybe the police are interested in having a reason to stop by his place Wink .

Unfortunately Ebay is a binding contract. I don't know what they can or will do in this situation. If there is anything inferred as to the condition of the car in the description that doesn't match the car like "clean and strait" or "good condition" these inferences can work to your description to the cops. A reasonable person (I LOVE that clause) would believe those statements meant no rust and no cracked header.

A lession I learned dealing with 2 faced buggers or suspect dealings. A phone conversation is always follwed by an email with the statement starting "to follow up with our phone conversation.." and ending with "Please respond to this email so I may have a hard copy approval of what we discussed for my records".
No agreement. This is a solid case then.
Sold it Sad*

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