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Cat question
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How much louder will my car be without a cat, I have 3-chamber Flows. Will it effect my turbo any???? Anybody do this???

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I have doen this to my 88 TC,i am running glasspack style mufflers and well it sounded good with the cat, but as soon as i took it off it has a loud bark, burt well as my car goes allot of bark but no bit, it seemed to me to actually slow my car a lil bit(butt horspwer) but it also give me a nice loud tone at high speeds cuz of engien RPM, i woudl liek t put a new one back on and turbo style muffelrs, but i dotn have the $$ right now for that. if you want the car loud, do it, but beware of the tone at highway speeds. It makes it so i can hardly hear my radio when the wondows are up

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I have an 88 TC that somebody removed the cat from before I bought it. It is a little louder without the cat, but, not objectionable. It certainly won't hurt your turbo to run your car without the cat. I doubt it will help the power all that much, if that's why you are asking. Modern cats are very free flowing.

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I gained 2 tenths at the track over my 3" dynomax converter by REMOVING it and welding in straight pipe. ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, you do to reduce exaust backpressure on these cars WILL increase horsepower and lower 1/4 mile times. My muffler was a 3" dynomax ultraflo(straight thorugh design) and 3 " downpipe with turndown at axle and it was pretty quiet. If you want MAXIMUM performance(every tenth at the track) then remove the cat it is an obstuction over having none at all, PERIOD.

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