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abs and brake light on what happened?
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Driving home in stop in go traffic all day (about 4 hours worth) and about 20 miles from home I let off the pedal and both lights come on at the same time. I just got home level seems fine and the brakes were fine the whole time on the way home, I didn't notice any extra effort or a spongy pedal or anything. Anyone got any ideas?
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well. that happened to me also. Im still in the middle of my brake job. (waiting of parts) anyways. My slider pins were seized in the rear and my pads were worn right down. When I removed the rear disc. The anti lock sensor was covered on both sides in metal shavings. Maybe check out your sensors to see if they are in the same shape..

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Problems with the wheel speed sensors will turn on the ABS light, but will NOT turn on the red BRAKE light.

Be sure the pump / accumulator system is working correctly: Key off, pump pedal 10 or so times. turn key to RUN. Pump should run for 30-40 sec and then stop. Now pump pedal again a few times. Depending on how hard you push, pump should run for a few seconds every 2 to 4 pushes. If this test passes, the electrohydraulic system is working, and the lights should be off. If system works, and lights are still on, check the connector on the level switch on top of the reservoir to be sure it hasnt come loose.
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Also make sure the parking brake pedal is fully released. Had the same thing happen to me once. My ABS lights like to come on during "spirited" driving and burnouts and such. The red brake light came on at the same time because I had apparently kicked the parking brake down one un-noticeable notch. Run the ABS codes with the test in the FAQ.

BTW, I got the tripminder in and it works! I can't tell if its a blue or green display, but I'm partially colorblind so it all looks good to me! I need to get my mom or someone in there to see how much difference there is between the colors. It looks almost green to me?
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Sorry guys I forgot to add a few things (In a hurry), After I let the car cool for about 20 minutes I went out to crank it back up and no more lights. When they came on I still had brakes but didn't test the abs. I tried to search for the post not too long ago about the guy that had the same problem but couldn't find it. As far as checking the codes I'll do it tomorrow and see if anything got stored. I'm pretty sure something just got too hot considering the circumstances but everything seems fine now....
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