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rpm needle jumps when put in gear
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When I start the car It idles high then drops down to 1000.If I put it in gear the rpm jumps up and down erractly from 600-900 almost like I'm tapping on the gas pedal every second and usually dies.After its drivin for a bit it goes away.Its an auto 88.Anyideas?I knew it wouldn't be long before something else went wrong!

Ok now I start it and it falls flat on its face unless I keep give it gas at a higher rpm for a minute or two.Its running rich .I can smell it.How long should the fuel pump run for if I put the car in the key on engine off position.I hear a buzing in the rear of the car for 10 sec and I also hear a buzzing in the front of the car which last up to 30 seconds.

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