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A few TC questions,
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Hey guys. I just have a few questions. First, I used to own an '88 TC, my dad gave it to me when I turned 16. It only took me a few months to total it, and granted I didn't know much about cars back then. But, it was the A4LD.

Currently I drive a '89 Probe with a 2.2 turbo in it. I pulled off a [email protected] bone stock, now I have a cone filter and a manual boost controller set at 12psi, instead of the stock 5 or 6, so I hope to be in the high 14's, if not lower.

The only thing I don't like about that car is the front wheel drive, and it's enough to make me want another RWD car. All of the previous cars I've owned have been RWD and I can't stand the front wheel drive, buty ou can't blame me, who wants to wheel hop all the way through 1st?

Anyways, I was wondering what kind of times you guys pull off, close to being stock. I've seen mostly low 16's. My '94 4.6 ran a 15.8, so I'm guessing the TC's are about equally as quick?

I just want another one(with the T5), so I can play around with it, maybe throw a T3 on it.. etc, and use my Probe for a daily driver.

Last question is, how much boost can this motor handle? I've been looking around and seeing people running 22psi, that's nuts. I know these cars have a lot of potential, also.

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Tiny Avenger ran 29 psi in his to make 400 HP. Naturally you need the proper mods but 22 psi is not exceptional

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