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NOS WITH TURBO.... Can it be done safley?
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After i get done modding my 84 tc with a intercooler and PC1 ecu and 35 injectors, is it possible to add a small nos kit without destrying the motor? I know that dry systems force the FPR to go wide open, but if im allreay under boost, wont i pretty much be wide open anyways?... lean = boom

84 TC, stock.
84 TC Silver 5 speed - PE EEC, Big Vam, RR cam, 35lb injectors, E6 swap, T3 60 Trim, 87-88 intercooler and hood, BOV, K&N Cone Filter *under constrution*

87 TC Black 5 Speed - Stock IHI, BCS Bypassed

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Check this out.
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I had "the squeeze" on the car for a while and it feels really good. It is alot cheaper and better imo to put on water injection! I jus put it on and cranked the boost to 25 and no ping and it pulls jus as hard as the lil shot I was running!!! Alot cheaper on the wallet too!! but yea the motor can handle it. I would reccomend a wet kit though!! alot safer!!! but Im sold on the water injection. hehe, windshield washer fluid is cheap!!!

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1987 TC 5 speed. To date: AGP 50 trim T3/T4 .63 stage 2 turbo, Ebay bov, 28psi, 255hp pump, Kirban FPR, Ebay Front mount, Full 3 inch Exhaust, Ported Bob's Log, Megasquirt, 55lb. injectors, boport 1.5 cam, boxed lower control arms, Methanol Kit, Ram HD Clutch, front lowered 1/2 inch and E.T. Streets for the track. Best so far 12.5 at 110.8. still tuning.

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