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Full Version: electric brake booster
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I just bought my second 1987 Thunderbird turbo coupe my fist was wreaked when a brake locked up. So I have known they had braking issues. This one only has 77,000 miles on it. I have every thing working but......., The brakes. The car came with a used booster system that was said to work. Nope the brake is rock hard with that one too. Are both the electric pumps are bad or I am missing something. I am looking for one that works or help better diagnosing the problem.

Thanks so much
Check the brake pump relay under the plastic cover near the firewall.  Do you hear the pump motor run at all?
Lynski, if you are new to the site, you may have missed an entire section that has some really great reading. There is a very good write up on troubleshooting the braking system.
Please follow the link to this old section HERE
I'm not surprised you didn't see this, it seems to be a hidden section, I honestly do not know how to get there.  I have a link saved on my PC. Someone should seriously make a sticky or something with this link.
Anyways, check around in there, you will find a lot of very good stuff, including a link to  TROUBLESHOOTING THE TEVES II ELECTRO-HYDRAULIC BRAKING SYSTEM USED ON THE 1987-88 TURBO COUPES

Good luck!

* I don't know if they always have been there, but you can find most if not all of these tech articles, not surprisingly under the tech articles section in this newer NATO page. I did not realize this until now, I've been going back to the old one for a while now! I personally find it easier to navigate, and I like the look.
Thanks I did find a Wire pin guide to test the system in correct order. If both motors come up bad and wiring checks out I will sacrifice one motor to see what a rebuild would take. If I can try my hand at it or take to a motor specialist. wiring I will tackle if I find any thing wrong. Weather kept me from testing today but I did see some shine My friend is letting me use one of his carwash stalls as long as I want so we will be out of the weather
Haven't seen many pump failures but have seen many relay failures.  Without a functioning relay, the booster pump won't run.  Easiest thing to check and replace... Having a spare relay is also a good idea so buying one won't be a bad decision.  Should be able to find one locally (Standard RY-223)

ABS Relay
Yay pump runs but it will not put out any fluid
Does the pump shut off once pressurized and start up when you pump the pedal a few times? So no fluid at any wheel? The rear should produce a constant stream when the pedal is pressed and the bleeder opened.
pump runs fluid going in no fluid coming out. switching working motor to other pump housing and try that
That seems to have worked. Tomorrow is major test. I had to replace the pump pressure switch too. It seems to be working so time for a road trip.
Glad you got it sorted out!
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