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Full Version: Old flat head caterpillar forklift
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Thought I'd show y'all what I been working on at work, it's pretty sweet! Got it to fire up and drive around today, new tires in the mail, new battery and oil going in tomorrow.

cool man, that looks like an old Mopar flathead, could be wrong on that though. Most of our old industrial stuff had flathead Mopar 6 cylinders in them. I love old abandoned stuff like that.
Well, got the oil and battery in, got the grease gun on it, was gonna lift the mast all the way up and blew a hose lol gonna be a long day scrubbing floors tomorrow ?
yeah, I would imagine all those old dry rotted hoses would leak.
Got the old girl running well enough, the carburetor is obviously gummed up, probably drop it in a gallon of carb cleaner over the next week, let it get cleaned up. Tires ain't here yet