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Full Version: New here, have some questions.
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I am currently looking to pickup an 84 TC, I have not gone to look at it yet and was wondering what I should be on the lookout for.
Things I know:
Not currently running, owner says this is to do with the fuel system but I’d like to know if there are any other common things to look for that I should be aware of.

Body rust, from the pictures there are a handful of rust spots, surface and penetrating, are there any other places that are important/harder to see that is Common to rust on these cars?

Interior looks clean, dash and seats seem intact, are there any common electronic/interior problems I should look for?

Thanks for any tips or advice you can give!
Check the frame rails at the front wheel wells, especially on the passenger side, for serious rust. Can be repaired, but not easy or cheap to fix.

With a good battery in it, turn the key to RUN and listen for the fuel pump. It should run for a second or 2 and then shut off. If you dont hear the pump run, either pump is bad or wiring issue. Replacing the pump is pretty straightforward.

84 has a pretty simple electrical system compared to the 87-88 which have a very complex electrical system for a car from the late 80s.