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Full Version: Looking for a diagram of all sensor locations
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I am completely starting from scratch on installing a 2.3 turbo from a 1987 turbo coupe. I am not sure where all the sensors are or even what they look like. So I am looking for a diagram that shows the location and names each sensor, solenoid etc. 

This is my first experience with an SVO. It is not my first experience in totally rewriting engines in cars. It is my first experience with a turbo.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like a diagram that shows where all of the vacuum lines run on the SVO 2.3 turbo.
Wow, I have not been referred to as “Junior” for 65 years. It makes me feel young all of a sudden.
Andrew has been converting all the files to the Tech Articles section:

From the old website here's the engine bay:

Here's the vacuum line layout:

And a wiring diagram:

I suggest saving those diagrams since they may not all make the conversion if they haven't already.
Thank you sir.
wow these are just what I needed. I was close to most things but these diagrams open up more understanding. Thanks so much.