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Full Version: new member in Texas 88 Turbo Coupe original owner
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Hi all,

I'm the original owner of an 88 Turbo Coupe. It's a loaded, stock, dark blue (twilight) exterior, matching interior, with moon roof and equalizer. Bought it the summer of 88.

The Motor Trend car of the year, very cool, had to buy it while they were still available. I picked the colors and options, the dealer located one and got it in for me.

It's my second Thunderbird. My first was a 64 convertible that I bought as a teenager and was also my first car (second owner and kept it for 35 years). My third t-bird is a loaded 96 LX which I still have (also original owner).

I recently saw an article about this group and am now a new member. Howdy from Texas, glad to meet everyone.

Yours truly,