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Full Version: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR To all our friends, visitors and NATO members!

It’s been a while since I visited, looks like the typical Holiday posting lull is in effect.

Getting ready to replace the TEVES II ABS system in my 1987 TC...for what I believe is now the THIRD time.

I know, I know...why not just modify that system in favor of a newer non-ABS power brake system—as described here in the Tech posts?

Long Answer: I have several TEVES II ABS units I have “collected” over the years. It’s just an inconvenience to swap it out for one of those.

Short Answer: It’s a variation to the punchline of “Why do dogs lick their [private parts]?” (In brackets because the actual answer is not, uh, suitable for youngsters——because we have a family-friendly policy here)....